Equipment Finance Strategies


Leasing and Equipment Finance Agreements

Equipment leasing offers a quick and effective solution to start, add or expand your business with the equipment you need now. Equipment leasing normally doesn’t entail the banking formalities of business plans, extensive financials, and the collateralization of hard earned personal assets. Often the financing requires only 1 or 2 payments upfront, sometimes even $20, not the 20-30% that loans require. Simply, choose the term that best suits your cash flow; let the equipment pay for itself over that term and you own it at the completion of the term with the buy-out option you’ve selected. (Learn More)

Accounts Receivable Financing

Collateralizing accounts receivable to finance equipment acquisition or rapid growth when cash flow is hampered by seasonal needs or industry cycles. Immediate cash with no waiting and without incurring new debt: you receive quick payment following invoicing. Not giving up any ownership of your company or borrow money long term when you can finance your invoices for immediate cash. It is typically utilized by manufacturers, distributors and service companies. (Learn More)

Inventory/Sale Lease-Back Loans

Sale lease-back loans are a fast and effective finance vehicle to generate and recovering immediate cash by collateralizing your company’s existing free and clear equipment. We base our decisions on the value of the asset, not the credit or cash flow. It is Invaluable, in a stressed situation where conventional financial institutions can’t help. 

Business Cash Advances

We specialize in a unique business loan product called Credit Card Receivable Financing. This is a short term business loan based on your company sales volume and future credit card sales and not your personal credit score. It is always our goal to put you in a finance solution that will help you grow your business, not destroy it. We have the lowest rates available, and the most flexible terms in the industry. 

Franchise, Bridge & Acquisition Loans

If you can’t find a traditional lender to meet your short term finance objectives, odd financing requirements, or if close to foreclosure or bankruptcy, bridge loans may be your only alternative. These are equipment and/or real estate collateralized loans, with LTV of 50%-70%, and higher interest rates and fees with quick turnaround that can make a bad situation better.

Franchise, business buyout or acquisition loan parameters dependant whether its a current partner, key manager, or outside the company. General requirements are at least 3 years of industry experience, 10%-30% of equity injection, some which may be borrowed, and stable or growing sales trend for past 2 years. 

Stated Income/Non-Conforming Commercial Real Estate Mortgage

Loan amounts of $25K-$500K for equipment purchase, refinance or cash out for auto repair, bars, restaurants, office, retail, hotel, self storage, and apartments (5+ units). (Learn More)